Vanessa Guillen, born and raised in Houston,Tx. September 30th 1999. Daughter, sister, soldier. 

Vanessa was second oldest of six siblings. Her favorite hobbies were running track, cross country and playing soccer. Vanessa was the most humble loving person that loved helping others. She attended Cesar E Chavez High School where she then decided to join the US ARMY. Vanessa was a brave young girl that pursued a career in the military as she wanted to protect her family and country. Unfortunately Vanessa’s  career lasted no more than two years of service. Vanessas life was brutally taken away by another soldier, her supposed to be “brother in arms”. Those that were to protect her, failed her. There is now a movement under her name that will provide reform in the military. The I am Vanessa Guillen Act. Her life was taken unjustly. She is now missed deeply by her family, friends, and the nation itself. We need #JusticeforVanessaGuillen. 

September 30th 1999 - April 22nd 2020. You’re missed and loved deeply.

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Let’s join together and protect those who protect us.

“Positive change occurs when we resist settling for less than justice requires!”

Thank you in advance for your gracious gift and for partnering with us in our fight for justice as we push for legislation of the I am Vanessa Guillen Act, which will create a reformed system for proper recourse for soldiers who are sexually harassed or assaulted in the military.

  • Help by obtaining real answers, accountability, and justice for Vanessa Guillen; a 20 yrs old stationed at Fort Hood who went missing for two months, she was sexually harassed and brutally murdered.

  • Sexual violence is just like a virus that does not discriminate race gender & personal beliefs. That’s why now it’s considered an epidemic in the armed forces.

  • Senator Gillibrand’s Amendment #3870 (to include Claims for our Soldiers) MUST be included in the 2022 NDAA, otherwise there will be no accountability! 



10:00am - 2:00pm 

March for Justice for Vanessa

  • Please join us for this important cause. Amendment no.3870 by Senator Gillibrand must be passed in this year's NDAA.

  • Claims equal accountability.



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